2016 - made sounddesign for filmproject of Robert Glas / Jurisdiction - A Hundred Years Before the Law. (As part of the Language & ART Gallery Tour in the framework of Poetry International 2016) Exhibited at Gallery Joey Ramone, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, from 8 June - 9 July.                                                                                                -Added a 2013 project to Multimedia: Bina Bouwadvies. Music and foly to an animation made by animator Mandy Geuskens.                                                                        -Novembre 2009: Produced and mixed melodies and backgroundmusic for two Ipod/Iphone childrens games by Little Makuzu: KoeDoetBoe and Autopuzzel.        You will find more information on littlemakuzu.com.                                                                -Septembre 2008: I made music for a short movie called 'Twijfellied' which has been animated by Frodo Kuipers. Part of an educational project; commissioned by productionhouse IlLuster,  Utrecht